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November 18, 2015

Evolution of Artists Colors

Up until the past few centuries, the colors that artists used were limited to those made from earth and mineral pigments. Pigments were made from bugs, plants, animals and animal waste, mollusks and the ink from squids, and many other natural sources. Some colors were made from materials that were so rare that they were extremely expensive and therefore used only sparingly. Examples include Ultramarine Blue, which was made from lapis lazuli, and Tyrian Purple, which was made from the mucus of a snail.


November 17, 2015

Indian Truck Art Will Enchant and Delight You

Indian truck art is a trend that is becoming a tradition in India. Indian truck art is not art that is modeled after trucks. No, this art genre might as...


November 10, 2015

Can Art Bring Healing to Those with Eating Disorders?

Did you know that art therapy may help people heal from eating disorders and put a stop to the destructive habits that characterize such illnesses? It’s true. In fact, many claim that art therapy is quite effective.


November 5, 2015

Segmation’s Exclusive Interview with Artist Yukari Vlasaty

There’s something special about getting to know who an artist is — not just what they make, but who they are. Each month the Segmation blog features an artist who has incredible talents and a stand-out personality.


October 27, 2015

The Art of the Mountain Dulcimer

There is something intrinsically gorgeous about a musical instrument. Not only can it sound beautiful; it is also visually pleasing. Walk into the home of any wealthy individual, and you’ll likely see at least a couple of music instruments hung proudly on a wall or two. Instruments that are commonly used decoratively include the piano and acoustic guitar. However, there is an instrument that is particularly unique in both look and sound: the mountain dulcimer. >> www.segmation.com


October 21, 2015

Do Colors Solve the “Monster Mash” Mystery

Segmation is on a mission to find out if “Monster Mash” was a Halloween hit or a Frankenstein inspired tune. This month, Segmation is on a mission to find out if “Monster Mash” was a Halloween hit or a Frankenstein inspired tune. Do Colors Solve the Monster Mash Mystery?


October 13, 2015

Segmation Interviews Competitive Spirit: Karen Tashkovski Artist

I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in my room drawing and writing. I also loved to sing and being an outward-focused nurturer. Loved watching TV, too. I actually learned how to speak English from watching TV. I thought I would grow up to be an actress, but then I totally loved school and learning, so I became an art teacher.

Colored Leaves www.segmation.com

October 8, 2015

Enjoying the Colored Leaves Before They Fall

Trees shed their leaves when it begins to get cold. But before they can get crisp and drop, leaves go through a gorgeous metamorphosis of color, a shifting balance of red, orange, and yellow such colored leaves.


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Utility Box Art Transforms Cities, Impacts Lives

October 4, 2015

Utility Box Art Transforms Cities, Impacts Lives

Decorated utility boxes do so much more than spruce up a community; they also pay homage to amazing individuals. In San Diego, California, a utility box stands as a monument to a young girl named Karina Fares.


September 29, 2015

Set Your Art Apart by Emphasizing Your Uniqueness

As an artist, do you ever feel like you are a tad weird? If so, rejoice! Your weirdness is a brilliant characteristic that can set you apart and emphasize your stylistic uniqueness.


September 18, 2015

Segmation’s Exclusive Interview with Artist Phil Davis

Segmation recently had the pleasure of interviewing Phil Davis, a fine artist who utilizes a technique called stencilism to create emotionally-charged pieces that express the full spectrum of human emotion.


September 15, 2015

Are there hidden costs in displaying major works of art?

Rarely do we consider the resources that are necessary to make those works of art available to the public on a daily basis, from the structurally safe buildings that must be able to both handle a continual stream of visitors and also protect the artwork in a climate-controlled environment, to the number of staff members needed to guard the art, clean the buildings, sell the tickets, tear the tickets, lead the tours, etc. Additionally, the most celebrated works of art draw large masses of visitors to the cities in which they are held, which can create a social and environmental strain on the host city.


September 9, 2015

The Most Artistic Theatre Set Designs in History

It’s undeniable that theatre set designs, which are the backdrops for the sensational acting, singing and dancing that takes place during a show, can be works of art. Indeed, some can even take one’s breath away. Have you ever encountered a theatre set design that blew your mind and made your heart skip a beat?

Coloring Books for Adults are Selling by the Millions

September 5, 2015

Coloring Books for Adults

A British illustrator’s coloring book–created for adults–has sold over one million copies. This tells us that grownups are desperate for creative, playful, childlike pastimes. Coloring Books for Adults are Selling by the Millions.


September 2, 2015

Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool

In an exclusive interview, Andrea Jetton shared the inner workings of her artistic world with Segmation. Read on to discover more about an enchanting artist whose gentle inner world is grabbing the attention of the art world. Learning about Andrea Jestton’s passions, her artistic process and her personality. Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool.


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