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Artful Ways to Make Summer Magical and Memorable

August 18, 2015 Jessica 0 Comments


Would you agree that summer is perhaps the most magical season of all? Just think about it: at nighttime, fireflies shimmer and spark, illuminating the sky like twinkle lights on a Christmas tree. At certain times during summer, the moon rises so full it appears to have eaten a feast; its round, translucent face happily shines down on the earth. The balmy summer weather tenderly embraces us as the refreshing winds play with our hair and cool us from the heat. Vacations are taken, memories are made, oceans are enjoyed, and hearts are happy. Yes, summer is a magical season!

Do you want to draw the magic out of summer and enjoy it for all it’s worth? Would you like this summer to be the most memorable summer your kids have ever experienced? If so, we have some awesome tips for you!

Easy Ways to Make Summer Magical 

  • Create a fairy garden – What could be more enchanting than a fairy garden? You can create your own fairy garden with just a few simple steps. First, locate a place where you’d like to set your garden up. (An area under a shady tree may work well.) Next, you’ll need furniture. You can find many tiny pieces of furniture in the gardening section of stores that carry home goods. Or, you can make your own fairy furniture. Once your furniture is purchased or created, arrange it in a way that is inviting. Next, find or purchase some moss and silver glitter. Place the moss around the furniture, and then sprinkle the entire area with silver glitter. You may choose to purchase tiny fairy statues, or better yet, use your imagination and allow fairies to come out at night and enjoy the wonderland you’ve created for them.


  • Watch enchanting movies – There are SO many movies that have a whimsical, magical feel and can bring a spark of enchantment to your summer. A few to consider include Hook, FairyTale: a True Story, Stardust, Maleficent, Peter Pan, Ever After, Ella Enchanted, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Summer Magic. These are films that you AND your kids will adore! Turn down the lights, and turn on these films to create a summer atmosphere in your home.


  • 220px-Lemonade_with_strawsKeep magical drinks in the fridge – Can a drink be magical? We think so! The most enchanting of all drinks is, of course, freshly-made lemonade, the nectar of summer. You can use your own recipe or try this one. (If you keep a pitcher of lemonade in the fridge at all times this summer, your kids will come to associate the taste of sweet, tart lemonade with the season.)


How Do YOU Make Summer Memorable?

What are some ways you make summer magical and memorable for your family? Are there any special traditions you have established? How about special summertime recipes you enjoy making? We would love to hear from you, so please share with us in the comments section below.

Have a magical remainder of your summer! Savor every second.


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