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Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool

September 2, 2015 Jessica 1 Comment



What makes a person cool? That’s a formula humanity has been searching for for ages. Everyone wants to be well liked, popular and accepted. Well, almost everyone desires this; some artists seem to have a lesser need for popularity. Conversely, other artists have a monstrous need for not only popularity, but also fame. Artist Andrea Jetton isn’t a fame-seeker — she is genuine, caring, thoughtful, funny, sensitive, nurturing person. She is warm, and that is precisely what makes her cool.  Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool.

Read on to discover more about an enchanting artist whose gentle inner world is grabbing the attention of the art world. Segmation recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea Jetton and learning about her passions, her artistic process and her personality.  Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool.

Interview with Artist Andrea Jetton -Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool

1. Andrea, how did you get into art as a career?

Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool

Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool

I studied art and photography throughout school and have pursued many creative projects through the years, from welding to mosaics, in addition to more traditional mediums. Through an art league, I met a gallery owner who invited me to exhibit my abstract pieces in his gallery. Since that time, I have shown in other galleries and shows. After receiving requests for commission work, I began to use social media and built a website to broaden my exposure. My goal is not only to build my career as an artist, but to interact with other artists. Artist Andrea Jetton’s Warmth Is What Makes Her So Cool.


2. What was the last piece of art you created that was not for publication or display? In other words, when was the last time you created art for expression and not recognition?

Scoop-142x201I sketch quite often. For example, I started a sketch of a fishing lure at the beach last week. My favorite recent sketch is a study of an ice cream scoop. I am fascinated lately with capturing the look of metal, and I love the challenges that it provides. Other than sketches, I have done some oil paintings of blue herons, just for the enjoyment and appreciation of the beauty of these birds. When my time is limited, I like to explore digital creative techniques like the ones used in the bird pictured here (see the photo above). I digitally merged a couple of my paintings to become one piece of art. I like the fact that I can be creative with only my phone or iPad when other supplies aren’t an option.


3. What are the top three things you are most passionate about, and how does your art make your passions evident?

The_Enchanted_Garden-257x257Animals, nature and people. As for my passion for nature, I can’t pass up an opportunity to paint an interesting landscape or beautiful bird. I am constantly photographing anything that catches my eye. People have been the subject of my art on occasion, and I enjoy drawing from life sessions. I have always had a love and compassion for animals. I enjoy drawing and painting them. Our pets and friend’s pets have often been subjects of my art. Creating art based on an animal as a subject has also been a part of dealing with the grief of losing a pet. I painted my beloved dachshund after she passed eight years ago, and the painting still makes me emotional to this day.


4. In your opinion, what role does the artist have in society?

Wow, that is an excellent question! So many artists that I admire all have different roles in art and society. Some are wonderful teachers and openly share their skills with others; some mesmerize their audience with technical ability, color or style; and others’ intentions remain more mysterious. Some artists use their gift as a voice to bring attention to issues that matter to them. Some are just having fun. The role that I see artists fulfilling in society is one to cause wonder, to connect with people and to spark creativity in others. Even though some people may think that they don’t have an artistic bone in their body, suddenly they find themselves drawn to a piece of art. That is pretty awesome.


5. What is your favorite piece of art that you have personally made?

“Memories of a Friend- A Place in the Sun”



6. Tell me about a project you are currently working on that you are really excited about.Jeanies_cat-164x164

I have been putting the finishing touches on a colored pencil drawing of a friend’s cat that passed away. She has seen the preview, and was so touched. I love to create pieces that will touch someone’s heart like that. Another piece in the works is part of an abstract series on canvas.


7. What is your favorite color?

It changes all of the time! This summer, I would say it is a toss-up between a cool, Caribbean aqua and warm, bright orange. Colors that make me think of the beach make me happy!

Did you just fall in love with authentic, compassionate, talented Andrea Jetton and her incredible art? If so, find out more about this artist by checking out her website or following her on twitter @AndreaJettonArt.

Being warm is what makes you cool; Andrea Jetton is living proof of this.

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