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Can you imagine a more perfect way to usher in Spring?

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courtesy of Beth Feldman

courtesy of Beth Feldman

If you’ve never been to the San Diego Museum of Art for their yearly event, Art Alive, this is the year you should have participated. The San Diego Museum of Art challenges floral designers to make the artistic masterpieces housed in their museum come alive through their floral interpretations. This three day event, began April 29 and ended on May 1, which filled the museum with thousands of flowers and, thousands of visitors. The pictures in this blog post are examples of what I saw at Art Alive.

Upon entering the museum is an awesome floral display from designers Ben Lucero and Jim Lennox from Pacific Event Productions with new twist to an old Asian tradition. Past years included rotunda displays from the famous Marc Chagall’s granddaughter, Bella Meyer. A great color display focusing on creation of floral arrangements much the way that artists paints. Over 100 floral designers of all levels, from amateur to professional, gather at the museum to create floral sculptures that mimic famous pieces of art. The sculptures of flower arrangements depict images painted on canvas, from portraits to landscapes. Throughout the festivities, these living floral arrangements will be placed beside the famous pieces of art they are interpreting.

IMG_2255The museum’s masterpieces truly come alive as they are interpreted by these creative floral designers. You will be surprised and delighted to see how imagination comes alive when flowers meet with paint. The floral designers make use of light, color, and structural ingenuity to make these canvas paintings take on a new dimension. Art Alive celebrates artistic masterpieces of all types.

The three day-long event was packed with art and colorful activities. The event began with an opening celebration. The Art Alive exhibition also included fun events for children and families. These events were geared towards the idea that art is alive.

Flowers After Hours is another nighttime event in which guests peruse the floral art exhibit while sampling tasty hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Behind the scenes, these floral designers competed hard to create their own artistic masterpieces inspired by the famous works located at the San Diego Museum of Art.

If you plan on visiting the Art Alive exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art, be prepared to pay an entry fee. Rest assured that this fee is going to a good cause–Art Alive is one of the museum’s greatest fundraising events. The proceeds will go towards special exhibitions, educational outreach programs, and art conservation projects.

Can you imagine a more perfect way to usher in Spring?

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