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Artists, Here are 3 Tips for Stopping Self-Sabotage

July 14, 2016 Jessica 0 Comments

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Do you consistently ruin your weight-loss efforts by eating when you’re not hungry? Do you push away the romantic partner whom you hoped for for years? Do you procrastinate on projects you know you must complete in order to get that promotion at work? If so, you are most likely stuck in the prison of self-sabotage. Do you need some artist tips?

For artists, self-sabotage looks a little different than it does for “normal” people. Most artists have a mighty struggle with getting in their own way. This often plays out most evidently in their avoidance of practicing their craft. Additionally, putting off creating works of art and making them visible are huge signs of self-sabotage for the artist.

3 Tips for Stopping Self-Sabotage

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Do you struggle with self-sabotage? Is it keeping you from advancing in your artistic skill? Even worse, is it halting your career? If so, here are 3 ways to stop partaking in self-sabotaging behaviors…

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist – Perfectionism drives self-sabotage. Pretend you, an artist, are creating a piece of artwork and you make what you feel is a mistake. Instead of working with or around that mistake, you trash the piece of art. This is a prime example of self-sabotage caused by perfectionism. Luckily, you are not stuck with perfectionism. Like self-sabotage, it can be overcome. Check out this resource to learn to get rid of perfectionism for good.

2. Don’t rob others of your gift – Did you know that self-sabotage can be selfish? This is true when it takes something from other people, including your art. Think for a moment what others’ artwork has added to your life. Now think of what your artwork could add to the lives of your friends, family members, and strangers. Keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to let self-sabotage ruin an artistic project.

3. Get to the root of the problem – If you’ve struggled with self-sabotage for a long time, you may want to consider seeking the services of a professional counselor. There is no shame in this. Truth be told, everyone living on planet earth could probably use some counseling. Artists are often very sensitive and feel emotions deeply. Sometimes they use self-sabotage as a cover up for hurts and wounds. Other times they simply need an objective party to let them know practical ways to stop sabotaging their own artistic success.

If you find yourself indulging in self-sabotaging behaviors like procrastination, ask yourself if you are bored. If you are, consider downloading SegPlay mobile, our digital paint-by-number game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android for FREE. If you are artistic, easily distracted, and always looking to improve yourself (what artist isn’t?), you’ll love SegPlay mobile!

Are you an artist who struggles with self-sabotage? If so, how do you combat it? Share with us in the “comments” section below.

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