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Belle Meade Street Art and Music Row Sculpture Make Nashville Beautiful

October 7, 2016 Jessica 0 Comments

Nashville, known worldwide as Music City, is a feast for the senses. Not only is it rich in auditory pleasures; it is also a banquet of visual art that captures the imagination. The city that draws musicians by the droves also attracts painters, illustrators, jewelry makers, sculptors, and every type of artist in between.

Photos don’t do the art of Nashville justice. Its masterpieces are best seen in person. But, if you can’t take a trip down south (or up north, depending on where you live), reading about the Nashville art scene will do.

Graffiti Street Art Beautifies Belle Meade

Graffiti adorning streets started as a trend and blossomed into a respectable art form. Street art has been known to literally transform cities, promoting unity through beauty. Nashville, specifically the Belle Meade area, certainly has been changed by the presence of graffiti art (compliments of artists Joey Nix and Jeff Jacobson). The two artists collaborated to create an arresting mural on the front of a beautiful house on the corner of Jackson and Harding. In her article Street Art, Graffiti in Belle Meade, Linda Learning wrote, “Nix and Jacobson spray-painted the mural, called Timeline, over six days. Their intent is to represent how the past moves into the future, how one affects and builds off the other. They use symbols of Europe (a turn-of-the-century lady in profile), machines of the industrial revolution, and Asian techno-culture to represent time and its passage. Vivid, hyperrealist images convey movement and freshness. It’s a narrative with a sense of mystery, a puzzle in a picture.” Read more about this mural and these artists here.

Musica Sculpture Represents Nashville’s Multicultural Values


Image courtesy commons.wikimedia.org

Of all the art fixtures in Nashville, a sculpture called Musica may be the most famous. Musica, a bronze statue settled at the center of music row, represents a few things Nashville stands for – dance, music, and multiculturalism. Alan LeQuire, creator of Musica, used live models to create this work of art. The sculpture depicts two Caucasian women, one Caucasian man, a Native American man, an African-American man, an Asian-American woman, and a Hispanic man and woman. The figures at the base of the installation are dancing, and four more are floating. The figure at the top center of the sculpture is holding a tambourine. Each figure is about 14-15 feet tall. This landmark speaks volumes about the heart and values of Nashville.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If so, did any particular museum, art installation, or mural capture your attention? Share with us in the “comments” section below.

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