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Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home with Evergreen for the Holidays

December 1, 2016 Jessica 0 Comments


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In Ed Sheeran’s smash hit Thinking Out Loud, he sang, “Your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen.” Evergreen, an enduring symbol of the constancy, beauty, stability, and youthfulness, has been referenced in songs, movies, and literature throughout the years. It is also used widely around the holiday season for decorating purposes.

What Does Evergreen Symbolize?

While decorating with evergreen during the holiday season is popular, it is not a fad. On the contrary, it has been a tradition for centuries. In her article Symbolism of Christmas Evergreens, Margaret Realy wrote, “Evergreens for early Christians symbolized everlasting life because their boughs stay green all year.” Today, evergreen is used in holiday decorating by individuals of many different faiths.

Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home with Evergreen for the Holidays

Are you looking for some cheap ways to decorate your home this year for the holiday season? If so, your answer is evergreen! Below are a few simple projects that will yield incredible decorations.

For each project, you will need to have fresh evergreen on hand. Country Living’s article makes a great suggestion for getting sprigs for free. It states, “If you don’t want to purchase greens and don’t have the luxury of living near a pine forest, you can visit your local Home Depot and ask to pick through the discarded tree trimmings (the branches that are removed when someone gets a fresh cut done on their store-bought tree). The best part? These are free! Opt for long, full branches. You can always prune later.” Read on to find three easy holiday decor ideas.


Image via pixabay.com

1) Mantle/table decor – Head to your local dollar store and purchase 3-7 glass vases, depending upon what you are decorating. (Example: if you are dressing a mantle, grab 6 or 7 vases. If you are creating a centerpiece for a small table, buy 3 or so. Use your best judgment.) Next, fill each vase with about an inch of water. Add evergreen sprigs. Last, randomly place white votive candles near the vases.

2) Winter tablescape – If you have a white table runner, a few white votive candles, several sprigs of evergreen, and some miniature sleigh bells (which can purchased from a craft store), you can create an amazing winter tablescape. First, lay your table runner down. Next, randomly lay sprigs of evergreen down the runner. Place votives randomly on runner. (Note: be sure that votive candles are far enough away from the greens that they won’t be a fire hazard. Also, it’s safest to place votives in glass candle cups.) Last, gentle sprinkle miniature sleigh bells down the runner.

3) Don’t forget the mistletoe! – One type of evergreen that is ever popular near the holidays is mistletoe. This green makes any home more holiday-ready. String a small bundle of fresh mistletoe from a door frame or ceiling in your home. Don’t be surprised if this produces kisses as well as holiday cheer!

What Is Your Favorite Evergreen Decoration?

Do you like decorating with evergreen when the holidays hit? If so, what is your favorite decoration? Share with us in the section below.

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