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Everything’s Going Gluten-Free Food, Including Famous Artwork

December 24, 2016 Jessica 0 Comments

In today’s world, gluten-free options abound. Food is not the only thing that gluten can be removed from. Gluten-free skin- and body-care products, vitamins and supplements, laundry detergents, and even famous works of art exist.

How Can Art Be Gluten-Free Food?

Are you thinking, “Wait…how can art be gluten-free?” We understand. It sounds crazy, but gluten-free art is a trend. It may not be around for long, but it’s fun for art lovers who are passionate about the avoidance of gluten.

How exactly can art be gluten-free? The process is laughably simple. Basically, someone with extra time on his or her hands simply removes any subject containing wheat from prints of famous paintings. You can view this altered art on Tumblr’s Gluten-Free Museum. Referring to the museum, the article Now You Can Enjoy Gluten-Free Versions of Famous Art says, “You’ll find everything from Andy Warhol to Pieter Brueghel to Edouard Manet to Ridley Scott, all de-wheatafied accordingly. Some gluten-free versions are hardly different, while others just don’t make sense with the wheat removed.”

What Does Gluten-Free Art Look Like?


Image via pixabay.com

In a word, gluten-free art looks strange. It looks like Pieter Brueghel’s Wheat Harvest with no wheat. Just imagine the fields of wheat replaced with fields of grass. The article mentioned above says, “Without the wheat, the painting becomes bare of any harvest or harvesters at work. The gluten-free version just looks like one drunk guy passed out in a field all by himself. It’s just weird.” If gluten was taken out of Wayne Thiebaud’s Cake Slice, the piece of art would literally just depict a bare plate. Interesting. However, if wheat was removed from other pieces of art, such as Vermeer’s The Milkmaid, they would look fine. But, it would feel as though they were missing something.

Can you think of some famous works of art that include subjects containing gluten? Imagine that the gluten was removed from them. What would they look like?

Take a look at some pieces of gluten-free art on Tumblr’s Gluten-Free Museum.

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What do you think of gluten-free art? Is it a funny trend, or do you find it offensive in some way? We’d love to know what you think, so share a comment below.

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