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3 Reasons Why Art Won’t Break Your Heart on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that a lot of people would admit to having a love-hate relationship with. Both individuals in the throes of romantic love as well as those who enjoy the gentler, more stable feelings that Eros brings often look forward to Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, people who are going through a breakup, have never been in love, have been hurt a dozen times over, or have recently been divorced usually understandably detest the idea of enduring one more Valentine’s Day.

How do you usually feel about Valentine’s Day?

3 Reasons Why Art Will Never Break Your Heart on Valentine’s day

This year, if you have no one to love on Valentine’s Day, why not fall in love with art? After all, art will never break your heart! Read on to discover a few reasons why art is truly an ideal object of one’s affections.


Image via pixabay.com

1) It makes you feel warm and fuzzy – You know that feeling you get when your significant other says something sweet? Well, you can get that same feeling while taking a stroll through an art museum. Seeing piece after piece of art that was lovingly created is enough to move anyone. This is especially true if the art speaks to you on a personal level.

2) It gets more beautiful with age – Have you ever noticed that art gets better-looking with age? Even when it becomes weathered, it still looks great. Depending on how they are maintained, some pieces of art will never show age. This is more than you can probably say of your last ex.

3) It will (probably) always belong to you – Isn’t it comforting to know that a piece of art you purchase will always belong to you? Unless art that you own becomes stolen, you know you will come home to it every night. Because of the small possibility of theft, smart art owners take out insurance on expensive artwork. If only there were replacement insurance for stolen lovers!

If you feel down on February 14th, let art warm your heart. How? By taking a look at our love-themed digital paint-by-number pattern Be My Valentine. It is compatible with SegPlay PC for Windows PC and, like love itself, has been reported to be addictive. Download it and find out for yourself how powerfully it affects you.

So, how was Valentine’s Day for you this year? We welcome your comments in the section below!

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