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How to Prepare Your Roses in Spring for Summer Blooming

March 25, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

It’s spring, and if you are like hundreds of thousands of other rose-lovers, you’re preparing your rose garden for summer and fall blooming. Allow us to give you some tips that will ensure beautiful blooms later in the year.

Any knowledgeable gardener will let you know that how you take care of your roses in spring will determine their health a few months down the road. A little know-how and TLC will ensure a gorgeous summer garden, whereas floral neglect can result in a barren rosebed. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too much effort to prepare your roses in spring for hearty summer blooming.

How to Prepare Your Roses in Spring for Summer Blooming

There are many ways to prepare your roses for summer, starting in the spring. Here are just a few:

Tend the mulch

care for roses spring summer

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Did you mulch around your roses last fall? If so, your job this spring is to remove some of that mulch. 6 Ways to Jump Start Your Roses for Spring states, “In early spring in warmer regions, about the time forsythia flowers, begin to tear down the mound. Don’t remove it all – just a portion. Finish the job progressively over two to three weeks. In warmer regions, you can safely remove all winter mulch when leaflets start appearing on canes.” This is an easy first step that will help guarantee a lovely summer rose garden.

Throw away the leaves

After you’ve tended the mulch, look for dead rose leaves. You will find them in the flowerbed or on the roses’ stems. Gather them and throw them away.

Nourish the roses

Besides watering, the next essential step in spring rose care is nourishing your blooms. Feeding your roses proper nutrients is a crucial aspect of caring for them. “As with most plants, roses enjoy a good feeding in the spring, when they are actively growing and need the nutrition. You can give them their first feeding at pruning time. There are several good all-purpose rose foods that you can use, but a general all-purpose fertilizer will also suffice. Many rose gardeners also like to give their roses a handful (about 1/4 – ½ C.) of Epsom salts at feeding time,” wrote Marie Iannotti in Rose Care in Spring.

Find more tips about caring for roses in spring here.

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How do you prepare your roses in spring for summer blooming? Share with us in the section below.

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