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Musicians Use Interactive Paint-by-Numbers to Connect with Fans

July 5, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

Bands are always trying to come up with creative and interactive methods of advertising new music and connecting with fans. Recently, the band Real Estate released an interactive paint-by-numbers music video that was not only original, but also created with the purpose of engaging audiences. The music video for “Stained Glass,” a song from Real Estate’s “In Mind” album, has so far captivated music lovers and brought the group a greater level of notoriety. We’re a little biased to paint-by-numbers, but we think Real Estate made a genius move by connecting with fans via a paint-by-numbers music video!

Musicians Connect with Audience Through an Interactive Paint-by-Numbers Music Video

Whichever band member had the idea to connect with audiences through an interactive paint-by-numbers video deserves an award. This novel concept has helped Real Estate fans to feel like collaborators with the band rather than spectators of it. (This wasn’t the first time Real Estate made a point to include fans in its musical endeavors. Several months ago, the band released a YouTube tutorial for “Stained Glass,” which has received almost 40,000 views.) The article Real Estate Shared Interactive Paint-by-Numbers “Stained Glass” Video and Announce Tour Dates stated,

“Craig Allen directed the interactive video, which allows you to color in the band via a paint by numbers technique. Allen had this to say about the video in a press release: ‘We were collectively excited by making a video that the band could create with their fans rather than for them. I’ve always been excited to find new ways of making content and this video is a fun-dare I say therapeutic-thing to play with, where you actually get to feel like you accomplish something at the end. That’s what is exciting to all of us and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to create with the help of the fabulous MediaMonks team.’”

Read more about the paint-by-numbers-themed music video here. Also, don’t forget to watch the interactive version of “Stained Glass”! Also, you can learn about Real Estate, check out tour dates, and buy or stream “In Mind” by visiting the band’s website.

Paint-by-Numbers on Your Mobile Device

Fans of paint-by-numbers may be interested to learn that there is a FREE mobile app designed to allow gamers to paint-by-numbers on any type of mobile device. The free app, SegPlay Mobile, also has hundreds of compatible paint-by-numbers patterns of virtually every kind. Download SegPlay Mobile here, and take a look at the many compatible paint-by-numbers patterns here.

Have you ever painted-by-numbers (whether online/virtually or with an original kit)? If so, what was your experience like? Share with us in the comments section below!

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