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four small orange pumpkins in a crate DIY fall decor

3 Cheap, Artistic DIY Fall Décor Ideas

October 11, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

What is it about autumn that beckons us to break out the pumpkins and carving knives and create an artistic, fall-themed vignette for a front porch or fireplace? It seems that the moment the leaves begin to change colors, our artistic inner selves are awakened and provoked to create something beautiful for friends, family, and neighbors.

Does the approach of Halloween or the fall season in general make you want to create cozy décor for your home?

3 Cheap, Artistic DIY Fall Décor Ideas

Many people are in the mood to indulge in creating fall-themed décor but don’t have the budget to do so. At least, they don’t think they do. What these individuals should remember is that, of all the seasons, fall is by far the cheapest to create décor for. We can prove it.

Ready to get your home ready for autumn? If so, feel free to steal some of these cheap, artistic DIY fall décor ideas:

  • Visit the $1 store – Do you have a $1 store near you? If so, you have a great fall décor resource at your disposal. In the fall, $1 stores typically stock their shelves with autumn leaf/floral garlands, tablecloths, and burlap. Create a beautiful $5 fall table by purchasing each of these items, as well as some baby pumpkins. After you lay your tablecloth down, cut the burlap into a 10’-wide strip that runs the length of your table. Use the burlap as a table runner, and secure it with double-sided tape. Last, adorn your runner with a fall leaves garland and sporadically place baby pumpkins on the runner. Voila! Your table is ready for fall feasting.


  • Create a cinnamon candle – Would you agree that cinnamon is the signature scent of fall? Fill your home with the fragrance of real cinnamon by creating a cinnamon DIY candle. You’ll need a pillar candle in an autumn-inspired color of your choice (gold, orange, red, white, or ivory), a small bag of cinnamon sticks, a hot glue gun, and a thin fall-colored ribbon. Assembly of this DIY fall candle is fast easy. First, hot glue the cinnamon sticks in a tight row vertically to the candle. Next, tie your ribbon around the cinnamon-stick-covered candle (don’t forget to create a bow!). This makes the perfect DIY fall décor item to place next to a Jack-O-lantern.


  • Make “gilded” fall fruits and vegetables – What are some fall fruits and vegetables suitable for autumn decorating that come to your mind? Here are some ideas: pumpkins, gourds, and acorn squash. Grab a couple of each of these food items, along with some gold spray paint. Lay them on newspaper and spray paint them thoroughly. After they dry, place them along a shelf, mantle piece, or table runner. This costs only a few dollars but makes a big statement.

Take advantage of the earth’s bounty this fall by creating décor for your home that is autumn-embracing. What is your favorite fall DIY décor project that is easy on the wallet?

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