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4 Powerful New Year’s Resolutions Artists Should Make in 2018

December 28, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

Each year, innumerable people make New Year’s resolutions. (According to The Huffington Post, only 8 percent of those people end up keeping their resolutions.) Ranging from “meet my true love” to “lose 15 pounds,” New Year’s resolutions are as varied as the individuals who dream them up.

New Year’s resolutions are fun to come up with, and they can drive you toward your goals in 2018. For artists, deciding on a few New Year’s resolutions can be therapeutic as well lucrative.  

4 Artist-Specific New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Artists who are serious about becoming better at what they do should make New Year’s resolutions that put their dreams into motion. Here are four New Year’s resolutions that every artist should make in 2018:

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1. “Sell one piece of art” — Selling a single piece of your art (or a CD, photograph, poem, or hand-lettered paper) could be life-transforming for you as an artist. It’s not about making a few bucks; it’s about being affirmed as an artist. Get your artwork out there and chances are you will sell at least one thing in 2018.

2. “Market myself as an artist” — Marketing is critical to making art sales. And no, you don’t need to have fifty pieces of art before you should start marketing your stuff. One piece is a great start. A contributor to Artist’s Network wrote,

“Create a good website…have some flyers and business cards made, and start to market yourself. Take a cue from others already in the business to see how it should be done, and what you want to charge according to the existing market. This is your year to elevate your art business!”

We agree.

3. “Collaborate with another artist” — Collaboration isn’t just for the established artist. Collaboration can help an amateur artist make connections, grow his or her skills, and become more self-aware artistically. If you’ve never made a collaborative piece, 2018 is the time.

4. “Get the supplies I need to create the art I imagine” — You can’t be the artist you have the capacity to be without the tools needed to create the art you imagine. If you are lacking in art supplies, take yourself on a date to an art supply store, or shop online. Give yourself as generous a budget as you can afford. Musicians, get new strings. Photographers, get a new camera or different lenses. You get the idea.

Questions to ask:

  • “Do I have the supplies I need to create the art I imagine?”
  • “Who do I know that I could collaborate with artistically?”
  • “How much will I charge for my art?”

Artists, What are Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018?

For artists, the New Year is the perfect time to take stock of dreams, desires, and goals. There is something powerful about writing them down on paper or smearing a vision board with images that represent them.

What artist-specific New Year’s resolutions will YOU be making and, hopefully, keeping in 2018?

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