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5 Things “The Kiss” by Klimt Tells Us About Romantic Love

February 25, 2018 Jessica 0 Comments

Have you ever taken a long look at “The Kiss,” a painting rendered around 1908 by Gustav Klimt? If not, go ahead. It will tell you everything you need to know about love.

Fun Facts About “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt

Did you know that “The Kiss” was first shown in 1908 at the Kunstschau art exhibition? Here are some other fun facts about this incredibly unique piece of art created by master artist Gustav Klimt:

  • It was inspired by the Byzantine mosaics. (Klimt encountered them on a trip to Ravenna in 1903.)
  • Its dimensions are 180 cm by 180 cm.
  • It is an oil-on-canvas painting.
  • The ornaments in the image “reveal…references to Klimt’s love for Emilie Flöge and the artist’s exploration of the sculptor Auguste Rodin’s art,” stated The Kiss by Google Arts and Culture.

“(‘The Kiss’) undoubtedly represents the culmination of the phase known as the ‘Golden Epoch’. In this decade, (Klimt) created a puzzling, ornamental encoded programme that revolved around the mystery of existence, love and fulfilment through art.” — Google Arts and Culture

What “The Kiss” Tells Us About Romantic Love

Gustav_Klimt_046“The Kiss” does much more than appeal to the eyes. It also reveals some characteristics of romantic love in a way that words can’t. Specifically, the painting tells us that romantic love is…

1. Magical — “The Kiss” possesses a magical quality, and so does eros love. Both are all at once grounding and heady, ethereal and human, intimate and lofty. The magic in “The Kiss,” which is impossible to bottle or recreate, can very much be found in cases of true love.    

2. Priceless — “The Kiss” isn’t for sale. Housed at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna and considered one of Austria’s treasures, there is no price tag on the piece of art. Each instance of true romantic love is just the same — priceless.

3. Inspiring — It’s impossible to know how many prints of “The Kiss” have been sold. What is sure is that it’s one of the most popular pieces of art of our time. Of Klimt’s works, “The Kiss” is the most popular. Could this be because it inspires us to value life, prioritize beauty, and hope for true love to come our way (or recognize the love that’s already there)? There’s just something about “The Kiss” that awakens hope for love in the human heart.

4. Intricate — “The Kiss” is an intricately designed work of art. Nothing about it seems to be there by chance. Its creator put it together thoughtfully, in a way that effectively and beautifully depicted romantic love. Similarly, human love is too beautiful to have “just happened.” Surely it was designed by a skilled creator for the purpose of bringing us joy and enriching our lives.  

5. Intimate — If just one word could be used to describe “The Kiss,” “intimate” might be it. When looking at this piece of art, one almost feels as though he or she is spying on the entwined couple on the canvas. The lovers are totally unaware of onlookers. Each has an audience of one — the only audience they care for. In the best cases of romantic love, this can also be said.  

“The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is magical, priceless, inspiring, intricate, and intimate. Would you agree that romantic love is all these things and more?

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