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How the Google Arts and Culture “Face Match” App Works

March 5, 2018 Jessica 0 Comments

Have you heard of the Google Arts and Culture “Face Match” app? It has never been more popular than it is today. With the stress of our daily lives, we all need to have a little more fun, and that’s exactly what the “Face Match” app offers.

The “Face Match” app has been trending for weeks. Celebrities like Kristen Bell, Alyssa Milano (who had some choice words to say to Google about her results), and Debra Messing have jumped onto the “Face Match” bandwagon and are having a good time with it. Take a look at these celebrities’ matches and hilarious responses here.    

What Is the Google Arts and Culture “Face Match” App, Anyway?

the-annunciation-1125149_960_720Basically, the Google Arts and Culture “Face Match” app is an application that analyzes your face and matches it with well-known paintings. Some people are shocked with how accurate their matches are, whereas others only see a slight resemblance. If you’d like to try the app out for yourself and discover which famous painting most resembles you, read on.

How to Use the “Face Match” App

Using the Google “Face Match” app is very simple and can be done in a few steps:


  1. Download the Google Arts and Culture App from the App store. (The application is free.) Using an Apple device? Get the app from iTunes. If you are an Android user, get the app from the Google Play store. Easy.


  1. Open the app and scroll down until you see the heading “Is Your Portrait in a Museum?” Then click “get started” and let the fun begin!


  1. Take a “selfie.” (The app will prompt this.)


  1. View your matches! You may want to play around with different selfies, especially if you wear glasses. Try one with you wearing glasses and one without. See what results you get.


  1. If you want to ride the wave of the “Face Match” frenzy, post your results on Facebook or another social media site.


If You Like the Google “Face Match” App, You’ll Love Online Paint-by-Number

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Learn more about paint-by-number in our blog article “Everything You Need to Know About Paint-by-Number.”

Have you tried the Google Arts and Culture “Face Match” app? If so, please share your opinion of it with us in the “comments” section below.

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