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Digital Paint-by-Number Game Fills Time Spent on Facebook with Meaning

April 2, 2019 Jessica 0 Comments

The average person spends a minimum of 35 minutes per day on Facebook and 90 minutes per day across all social media platforms. This number can vary widely. Some individuals don’t spend much time at all on the platform, whereas other spend hours each day surfing newsfeed.

How much time do you spend on Facebook? If you aren’t sure how to find out, check this article out. You may be surprised to learn how much time you are giving to social media.

Is Facebook Bad for Mental Health?

Facebook can be a great tool. It can reconnect us with old classmates and friends, keep us in the know about breaking news, and help us get involved with causes we care about. However, Facebook isn’t always good for our mental health. Per Psychology Today, Facebook can become an addiction, exacerbate social envy, and generally make us feel bad emotionally. Mentioning a study about Facebook, a contributor to Psychology Today wrote,

“Interestingly, those spending significant time on Facebook…still reported worsening wellbeing. The authors hypothesized that comparisons and emotions triggered by Facebook were carried into real-world contacts, perhaps damaging the healing power of real-world relationships.”

Sometimes, time spent on Facebook can leave us feeling worse than before simply because it lacks meaning.

Digital Paint-by-Number Game Fills Time Spent on Facebook with Meaning

Some digital games that are compatible with Facebook are a time suck, but others are designed to fill time spent on the social platform with meaning. For example, SegPlay Online, a digital paint-by-number game for Facebook users, infuses hours spent on Facebook with meaning for art enthusiasts and those who want to strengthen their mindfulness skills.

“Developed specifically with both the serious and casual gamer in mind, SegPlay® Online is an amazingly satisfying distraction on your desktop and laptop computers. This innovative app allows users to color intricate line patterns from a wide range of photorealistic images,” stated Segmation.

Also, SegPlay Online features…

  • Intricate and photorealistic paint-by-number patterns.
  • Easy pattern navigation with near infinite zooming and quick panning ability.

  • Color palette which can be positioned and pinned.

  • Six playing modes – Normal, Scored, Timed, Hint, Creative, and Instant.

  • Full portrait and landscape orientation support.

Optimize Your Facebook Experience with SegPlay Online.

Time spent on Facebook doesn’t have to be void of meaning and leave you feeling empty. For the art lover, games like SegPlay Online can bring a sense of purpose to being on Facebook. Check out SegPlay Online, which can be played via desktop or laptop, here.

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