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March 28, 2019

3 Fun Tips for Using Art to Improve Your Mental Health

The majority of individuals are stressed to the max. Eight out of 10 americans are “afflicted by stress,” according to Gallup. Smart phones, increased screen time, and poor work-life balance...

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November 24, 2017

Art Can Heal Your Broken Heart

Have the recent traumas happening around the world diminished your belief in the goodness of humanity? If so, there is a cure for your broken heart: art. > Art Therapy Soothes the Soul www.segmation.com


November 10, 2015

Can Art Bring Healing to Those with Eating Disorders?

Did you know that art therapy may help people heal from eating disorders and put a stop to the destructive habits that characterize such illnesses? It’s true. In fact, many claim that art therapy is quite effective.


March 23, 2015

Coloring Book Fosters Emotional Healing

Does color possess the ability to act as a healing agent to the human psyche? Yes! This coloring book proves it.: Art and color have amazing ability to minister healing to the unseen injuries inflicted by emotional trauma. Psychologist Ellen Lacter took art-based therapy into a new direction when she created a therapeutic coloring book.


February 10, 2015

Artist-in-Chief: Presidents are Painters too!

Throughout history US presidents have found time to exercise their artistic talents while in office and at terms end. United States Presidents have been known to relieve stress by painting. Now you can do the same. Winston Churchill enjoyed painting. Which US president did he influence to paint as stress release?


August 13, 2013

Foreign Landscapes Inspire Creativity

What comes to mind when thinking of foreign landscapes? Are these far off countries? Or different planets? Do they only exist in fantasy fiction? Or are they birthed from Hollywood magic?

Wherever these landscapes originate, one fact is constant: foreign landscapes inspire creativity. At the heart of art is a cry of curiosity — a desire to explore what lies beyond the world as we understand it. This is why natural disasters, everyday home supplies, and destructible objects are bringing about some of the most creative art pieces to date. www.segmation.com


October 3, 2011

Art Therapy Treats more than the Heart

Therapies that use art have been popular for many years. One notable practice is color therapy. Colors have a strong influence on the human mind and encourages action in addition to...