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hand lettered paper that says "act"

November 6, 2017

Artist Ciara Leroy Explains Why Weird is Wonderful and Strange is Pretty

Weird is wonderful. Strange is pretty. I’m pretty strange, and I love it. I hope my brand helps other people get in touch with the beautifully strange things about themselves. www.segmation.com


October 27, 2015

The Art of the Mountain Dulcimer

There is something intrinsically gorgeous about a musical instrument. Not only can it sound beautiful; it is also visually pleasing. Walk into the home of any wealthy individual, and you’ll likely see at least a couple of music instruments hung proudly on a wall or two. Instruments that are commonly used decoratively include the piano and acoustic guitar. However, there is an instrument that is particularly unique in both look and sound: the mountain dulcimer. >> www.segmation.com