Outside The Lines

Fun readings about Color, Art and Segmation!


March 29, 2011

The Interesting and Expressive Vincent Van Gogh – Dutch post impressionist

Pattern Set for SegPlay® PC released (see more details here) Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30 1853 in Grot Zundert, Netherlands in the southern Netherlands. His father was...


March 26, 2011

Thomas Cole Founder of the Hudson River School www.segmation.com

Thomas Cole Founder of the Hudson River School Pattern Set for Segmation SegPlay® PC released (see more details here) Thomas Cole (1801-1848) was an American artist who is regarded as...


March 25, 2011

Google Art Project Makes Art More Accessible

The new Google Art Project, unveiled in early February 2011, allows viewers to digitally check out hundreds of important artworks from the leading art museums around the globe. The project...


March 23, 2011

Toxicity of Oil Paints: Past and Present

Many people attribute the shimmering, swirling colors and bold, choppy brushwork in Vincent van Gogh’s paintings to his lifelong battle with mental illness. Although his world-famous paintings now sell for...


March 13, 2011

Saint Patrick’s Day www.segmation.com

Saint Patrick’s Day Pattern Set for SegPlay® PC released (see more details here) Saint Patrick’s Day is originally a Catholic holiday which is celebrated annually on March 17. The day...


March 10, 2011

Color in Monochrome Paintings www.segmation.com

When you think of “abstract art”, what pops into your mind? A jumble of shapes on a canvas? Art that resembles spilled paint? How about paintings with lots of color?...


March 6, 2011

A Closer Look at Complementary Colors www.segmation.com

Take a close look at Matisse’s painting The Dance, shown above. What is it about this painting that makes it “pop”? The dancers seem like they’re almost floating on top...