Outside The Lines

Fun readings about Color, Art and Segmation!


August 29, 2012

Company Uses Color to Create a Sense of Identity

For J Public Relations, color has created a sense of identity as a company. JPR, a firm whose specialty is “eateries” and hotels, is truly unlike any professional office you have ever encountered. This is because it is bathed in pink. What’s more, this famous hue has created a name for JPR.


August 15, 2012

How the Father of Abstract Expressionism Forsook Fame to Pursue Art

Have you ever heard of Clyfford Still? Many modern-day art lovers have not. The irony in this is that Clyfford Still was and is incredibly influential to the art world. In fact, Still, who was born in 1904 and died in 1980, was one of the pioneers of abstract expressionism.


August 9, 2012

How to Encourage Creativity in Children

Many artists relish the act of making art because it is reminiscent of the creative freedom they had as children, when they were unburdened by artistic “rules” or the opinions...


August 8, 2012

Seeing the Soul of an Iceberg

Capturing icebergs in portraits has become somewhat of a love affair for Camille Seaman. She doesn’t merely view icebergs as huge hunks of ice, as some do, but rather as living, breathing personalities.


August 5, 2012

Beautiful Colorful Botanicals

Kenneth Greene has spent the past 35 years doing photographic studies in contrasts, lines, colors and glimpses of life in a moment of time. When Kenneth photographs people, he captures...