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What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art

August 22, 2015 admin 0 Comments

What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art www.segmation.com

What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art www.segmation.com

The traditional way of viewing art is inherently flawed in many ways. Over the years we have greatly changed how we see art and get our visual senses satisfied. What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art?

Experiencing art in a gallery was about going into a place with many diverse pieces of work and, perhaps, meeting the artist themselves. Now that almost everything is available online, the way a famous piece of art is consumed has changed greatly. What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art? That is not to say that these art galleries have lost their value and are not required any more. Rather, the art gallery still holds a special place in the modern economy.

Here are some of the reasons why art galleries are still very important when promoting art.

Physically experiencing something is still great. What is the Role of Art Galleries in Promoting Art?

Going to the North Park Art Galleries has a great advantage, it can envelope you in atmosphere. The way you feel when you see a work of art in a gallery that is lit specially for the purpose is astounding. Art dealers and experts know that to truly grasp the magnitude of a work of art, you have to go see it for yourself.


It’s great for networking.

Meeting people at the art gallery is still the primary reason art galleries are popular for shows. The artists get a chance to see how the audience reacts to their work. Up and coming artists can promote their work to an audience they wouldn’t have had access to online.

Art has been going increasingly international and this has meant that to stay in the game artists have to tap their local patron first and then explore foreign shores.

The art gallery is also a place to meet friends and family and display what the artist has been working towards all these months. Talking to peers is what gets ideas flowing and is a surefire way to ignite the creativity needed to make art in the first place.

Social media is good for this, but you have to admit that something is lost in the numbers of likes and follows. The personal touch of meeting someone face-to-face is simply absent and replacing it with a re-tweet is mostly not enough.

Tapping into the local community and creating a sense of connection with peers is one of the reasons we need physical venues to display and indulge in art.

In the digital age, a lot has changed, but a lot still remains true to our basic instincts. We are visual and social creatures who enjoy viewing beauty as much as talking about it with those we understand. That is what the art gallery now offers us.

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Contributed by Paul Gilbert:

Arton30th is an Art to Market Community that offers art classes and host regional & national art shows and call for artists events in a lively & classic gallery setting, honoring the artists mentored by taking their art to market.

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