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Segmation’s Exclusive Interview with Artist Renie Bartsch

January 7, 2016 Jessica 3 Comments


Segmation can only set back and marvel at the incredible artists we have had the pleasure to interview. So many amazing artists graciously let us into their creative worlds, and for that we are grateful.

Who was your favorite artist of the month?

Segmation handpicked artist Renie Bartsch to be featured. There are many reasons for this. First, Renie is kind – really kind. She is the type of artist who is both sensationally talented AND incredibly personable. That is a killer combination, one that takes people straight to the top of their desired field. In Renie’s case, it is the world of art.

unnamedRenie began creating art at a young age. As she matured, her art slowly began to take the shape of her true style. Observe her artwork; take it in. If you look closely, you’ll see that she has a style all her own. It draws the eye and captivates the soul.

We interviewed Renie because we like her and believe in her artwork. But, we also interviewed her for you, our readers. Take a look a look at Segmation’s exclusive interview with artist Renie Bartsch and let us know in the “comments” section below what YOU think of this one-of-a-kind person.

Segmation’s Exclusive Interview with Artist Renie Bartsch

1. Do you have any art/career-related New Year’s resolutions?

unnamed-1Now that my study years are finished, in 2016, my art/career-related New Year’s resolutions are to paint and draw all the images I have had stored in my head for so long while I was studying and also to work spontaneously as images and ideas come to me.

2. What is your favorite color, and why?

My favourite colour is Danish blue, as I think it is simply beautiful. It somehow attracts and holds my attention without being ‘loud.’ I like it greyed-down a little for all sorts of applications, whether it be featured in a painting, a cover of a book or a ball of wool.

unnamed-43. What inspired your personal favorite piece of art you have created? 

My personal favourite piece of art I have ever created would probably be Light and Dark, Solid and Liquid. It is simply pencil on paper and was inspired by a visit to Natural Bridge rock arch in Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia. It took me 3 months to complete as I worked on it from a photo I took, doing a little each evening. I feel it is my best work and would like to do more pencil works in this style.

4. You received a B.A. in Creative Arts. Who was your most influential art teacher? Why?

My most influential art teacher was Dr. Kyle Jenkins, Senior Lecturer (Painting) at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba. He taught me to understand and appreciate many different styles of art and to approach art not only from a local perspective, but also from a global viewpoint. The most significant single piece unnamed-3of advice Dr. Jenkins said to me with regards to art was, “Nothing is ever a ‘given.’”

5. What is your #1 motive for creating art? (For example, do you create art primarily for others, for the sheer enjoyment of it or for another reason?)

My #1 motive for creating art is probably for the enjoyment the finished work itself gives. But also, it is my profession and I am happy if I can assist others with my artwork or make other people happy with my artwork.

6. Have you ever gifted someone special to you with a piece of your art that was crafted just for him/her? If so, tell us about that piece of art.

Well, as far as I can remember, I have done that from quite a young age, often giving my scribbles to my parents as a show of appreciation for all they did, as a lot of children do. I continued this practice for years, though – my unnamed-6poor parents! They were always so gracious in receiving them, no matter how awful they were!

7. Where would you like to be this time next year in your career?

I would like to have completed two exhibitions, created a range of art cards and continued to be a successful, professional artist.

If you love what you’ve seen of Renie’s art and are impressed by the story she shared with Segmation, visit her website and follow her on Twitter. Tell your friends about her. She is going places fast. Don’t you want to be a part of her journey?

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  1. Christina
    January 7, 2016 - 6:50 pm

    Beautiful work, such a talented artist!

  2. Jeannie
    January 8, 2016 - 10:47 pm

    I’ve known Renie since she was a child, and she has never changed from the gentle, self-effacing being she was then. Her art is unique and very beautiful, and she richly deserves her success.

  3. Cells
    January 10, 2016 - 8:01 pm

    A new update in 2016, nice job but a little short for me, hah. I like you words, and always wait for more.


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