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4 Reasons Every Adult Should Own a Coloring Book

June 9, 2016 Jessica 0 Comments

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Everyday, millions of adults color in coloring books designed specifically for them. No longer is this pastime reserved for children. How big a craze is adult coloring, you ask? To give you an idea, around 12 million adult-specific coloring books were sold in 2015. Incredibly, that is 12 times the amount that was sold in 2014. Clearly, adult coloring books are growing rapidly in popularity. But why? There are several reasons why adults are buying coloring books like they are going out of style (which they are not likely to anytime soon). Read on to learn more.

4 Reasons Why Every Adult Should Own a Coloring Book

Here are 4 reasons why adults are falling in love with coloring, and why we believe every adult should own a coloring book:

#1 – Coloring is an ideal stress-reliever – Stressed out? Such is the plight of the human race. Most of us have tried many remedies that promised to give us a little stress relief. While not all of them were effective, coloring is a proven stress-squelcher.

#2 – Coloring is nostalgic – One major reason so many people are jumping on the coloring bandwagon is that coloring reminds them of simpler times. Mary Amicucci, chief merchandising officer at Barnes & Noble, said, “(Coloring is) nostalgic, and it’s a bit old school…it reminds people of their childhood.”

#3 – Coloring is both a social AND an introverted activity – Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, coloring can benefit you. For an introverted adult, coloring provides a respite from the daily grind and interactions with people. On the other hand, it allows extroverts to connect with friends by hosting/attending coloring parties and other related events.

#4 – Coloring improves motor skills and vision – In 7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Brighter, Kristian Wilson wrote, “Coloring requires the two hemispheres of your brain to communicate, and the activity itself improves your fine motor skills and vision.” For those of us who want to ward off the negative effects of aging, this is great news.

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Image courtesy pixabay.com

Every grown up should own a coloring book. At the very least, all capable adults should give coloring a try. After all, it can’t hurt to try out a fun activity — especially one that relieves stress. Some people may feel silly picking up a colored pencil or crayon in adulthood, but the payoff may be well worth the awkwardness of getting started.

Most adults who love coloring also enjoy other art-based, mindfulness-promoting activities. Besides coloring, one is SegPlay PC, a digital paint-by-numbers game. This unique program is compatible with Windows PC and provides hours of intellect-boosting fun. Prefer to download FREE mobile apps that are art-related? If so, check out SegPlay mobile.

What do you think about coloring for adults? In your opinion, is it just a fad that is sure to die out in a few years, or will it endure? Share with us in the section below.
















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