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inflatable green float in swimming pool -- inflatables

April 24, 2017

Inflatables Displayed at Muskegon Museum of Art

Are you questioning whether or not inflatables should be considered art? If so, remember all the unusual forms of art that people have accepted and even embraced: feather art, match art, tin foil art, colored pencil art, and more. With these mediums in mind, it makes sense that inflatables, when designed by true artists, could and should be considered art.

crayons coloring book art helps refugee children

April 21, 2017

How Creating Art Helps Refugee Children

Many people in the world today are seeking ways to help refugee children cope with the unbelievable challenges they are currently facing. As a result of this human desire to nurture and bring relief, quite a few organizations exist for the purpose of benefitting refugee children. Some organizations supply food to needy families, others provide medical care or shelter, and others simply raise awareness of these individuals’ needs. A program started by a woman named Alexandra Dawley helps displaced Iraqi children who are living in Jordan by giving them simple opportunities to create art.


April 18, 2017

How to Become a Professional Artist

Has it always been a dream of yours to become a professional artist? If so, you are in good company. Thousands of people all around the world, from all walks...

art celebrate women

April 12, 2017

Art Museums/Organizations/Resources That Celebrate Women

The media often portrays women in a negative light: weak or dominating, over-sexualized or frigid. However, art is a medium that is known to celebrate women not just for their physiques, but for their souls and accomplishments. Here are a few examples of art museums/organizations/resources who have made it their mission to uplift women in a world that so often oppresses them


April 4, 2017

The Secret Life of a Professional Ballerina: Exclusive Interview with Dancer Ivy Canapa

A professional ballerina doesn’t live a “normal” life; she has a secret life that the average person only sees weakly portrayed in movies. Her reality is awakening before the sun rises, dancing until her muscles threaten to give out, and opting out of social events to make more time for practicing. In the secret life of a ballerina, specifically in her youth, ballet barres take the place of boyfriends, and self-discipline becomes a best friend. This is not the life most would choose, but those who do choose it are rewarded richly with breathtaking skill and an incredible ability to express emotions through dance – just ask Ivy Canapa. Better yet, watch her dance.