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Inflatables Displayed at Muskegon Museum of Art

April 24, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

Over the years there have been hundreds of art exhibits shown and art museums established that were a little strange. A few of them include The UFO Museum and Research Center, The Sex Museum, International Spy Museum, Museum of Bad Art, and The Sulabh Museum of Toilets. Who knows what type of art exhibits were displayed at these interesting museums. Perhaps one of these establishments would have hosted an inflatable art exhibit.

Recently, a traveling inflatable art exhibit called Blow Up: Inflatable Contemporary Art made an appearance in Michigan’s Muskegon Museum of Art. The exhibit’s inflatables have received plenty of attention from the press and the public. The article Traveling inflatable art exhibit floats into Michigan museum stated, “A life-size inflatable Trans Am, 14-foot-tall pink bunnies, and a 25-foot-long reclining Buddha-inspired figure (were) on display as part of an art exhibition in western Michigan.” No doubt those figures made for an experience that was way out of the ordinary for viewers.

The Inspiration Behind Inflatable Contemporary Art

blackboard with the word inflation written in white chalk

Image via pexels.com

Are you questioning whether or not inflatables should be considered art? If so, remember all the unusual forms of art that people have accepted and even embraced: feather art, match art, tin foil art, colored pencil art, and more. With these mediums in mind, it makes sense that inflatables, when designed by true artists, could and should be considered art.

Apparently, the inflatables displayed in Blow Up: Inflatable Contemporary Art were inspired by sculpture, and much thought went into their creation. Justine McGuire wrote, “While inflatable objects are typically associated with advertising, children’s entertainment, or holiday decorations, the format has been appropriated by a diverse group of artists to explore identity, materialism, war, and more. Playing with scale, color, and the inherent light-heartedness of balloons, the artists produced a wide variety of sculptural forms.”

Whether you are or are not impressed with Blow Up, one thing’s for sure: contemporary artists will always push the limits when it comes to art. There’s something inspiring about that.

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Would you ever visit an inflatable art exhibit? Why or why not? Leave a comment for us in the section below and we’ll be sure to reply!

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