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Why Ice Cream Art is Perfect for Summertime

August 7, 2017 Jessica 0 Comments

Ice cream art is the perfect type of art for summertime. The Huffington Post recently brought this to our attention. In the article Ice Cream Art: The Most Delicious Works for a Hot and Sticky Summer, an unnamed writer pointed out the unique benefits and beauty of ice cream art.

What Is Ice Cream Art, and Who Makes It?

If you didn’t know ice cream art was a thing, you’re not alone. We were previously unaware that ice cream art exists, but it’s been the best news we’ve heard in a long time. Ice cream art is, quite simply, art created from ice cream. This type of art is pretty perfect, lovely to behold and fun to eat. The only tough thing about ice cream art is locating it. Ice cream artists are few and far between, but they are out there, as the Huffington Post pointed out:

Gary Baseman’s ‘Ice Cream & Kittens’ may be the most adorable treat ever, while Karen Hobbs’s child with ice cream cone horns in ‘I scream’ is a terrifying dessert. Claes Oldenburg’s ice cream sculptures, for one, look good enough to eat. Scroll through the slideshow below to whet your appetite with frozen treats….”

Ice Cream Art: an Undeveloped Genre

One thing about ice cream art is that it is an undeveloped genre. There is only a sparse collection of ice cream artists. (Or, if there are more than just a few of these unicorns, they are not advertising their masterpieces on the Web.) This is great news for aspiring artists. It means there is lots of room for invention and experimentation. Also, for the successful ice cream artist, there is a great chance for fame.

Create Ice Cream Art on Your Phone

If you’re not up for creating ice cream art from actual ice cream, there is an alternative: use a paint-by-numbers app and ice cream art paint-by-numbers digital pattern to create it on your phone or tablet. SegPlay Mobile is a FREE app that allows you to craft incredible paint-by-numbers creations in just a few minutes. Download it here, and don’t forget to check out the hundreds of paint-by-numbers mobile patterns, including those that are ice cream-themed, here.

What Type of Ice Cream Art Would You Become Famous For?

Which of the works of ice cream art from the Huffington Post’s slideshow appealed to you most? More importantly, would you ever consider becoming an ice cream artist? If so, leave us a comment telling us what objects you would create and what flavors you would use.

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