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What is the Feminist Art Movement?

April 9, 2018 Jessica 0 Comments

The feminist art movement. What emotions do these words evoke in you? Frustration? Cynicism? Pride? Perhaps you don’t know enough about this movement to have an opinion about it. Read on to learn what the feminist art movement is, what it means, and how it has impacted culture today.

What is the Feminist Art Movement?

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘feminist art movement’…

refers to the efforts and accomplishments of feminists internationally to produce art that reflects women’s lives and experiences, as well as to change the foundation for the production and reception of contemporary art. It also sought to bring more visibility to women within art history and art practice (1).”

The feminist art movement began in 1960s, though it didn’t blossom until the 1970s. Wikipedia said it was “an outgrowth of the so-called second wave of feminism. It has been called ‘the most influential international movement of any during the postwar period (2).’

History of the Feminist Art Movement

The feminist art movement was birthed during a time when anti-war demonstrations, as well as civil and queer rights movements, were abundant. These movements and demonstrations combined to created a ripe atmosphere in which the feminist art movement could flourish.

“Feminist artists sought to rewrite a falsely male-dominated art history as well as change the contemporary world around them through their art, focusing on intervening in the established art world and the art canon’s legacy, as well as in everyday social interactions (3).” — The Art Story

Benefits of the Feminist Art Movement

Although feminist art tended (and tends) to be controversial, many people believe the feminist art movement/feminist art has benefitted modern culture, and continues to. Here are a few ways the feminist art movement has bettered our world:

  • The feminist art movement exposed people to the perspectives of women artists, causing some individuals to open their minds to possibilities, realities, and points of view that were not male-dominated.


  • The feminist art movement made female artists visible to the public eye. Young people today may not understand that when this movement began, female artists were quite underrepresented and had been throughout history.  


  • The feminist art movement influenced the way other artists, male and female, created art. This is because feminist artists often used alternative materials to create their art pieces, such as textiles and videos. At the start of the movement, these were not mediums often used by male artists and therefore became associated with the feminist art movement.


Some people are passionate about the feminist art movement. Others don’t even know what it is. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of it, this movement has helped shape modern culture. Furthermore, feminist artists are more determined than ever to continue to ensure that women’s issues are represented through art.

What is your opinion of feminist art? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, so share a comment in the section below.

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