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3 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

January 4, 2019 Jessica 0 Comments

Is “artist” a word you identify with? Do you make a living or a side income from selling your artwork? If so, there are some artist-specific New Year’s resolutions you should be making this year.

3 Simple New Year’s Resolutions for Artists That Have a Big Impact on Productivity

Artists often feel fulfilled only when they are making progress with their art. The following three New Year’s resolutions will help you further your career and fulfill your calling as an artist:

1. Refer to yourself as “artist” — Are you a closet artist who refuses to refer to yourself as being artistic or a full-fledged artist? If so, resolve to deem yourself “artist” this year.

There are a lot of artists who refuse to refer to themselves as such. Many Artists Don’t Consider Themselves Artists (Why?) stated,

“There are significant numbers of individuals who are engaging in the production of artistic work, but are not embedded within the art world. This lack of embeddedness is fundamentally important to their self-definition (as artists).”

This may lead you to ask how to know if you are an artist. There are no hard and fast rules for deciding this. There is a difference between being creative and being an artist. Ultimately, only you can decide if you are an artist.

If you’re not sure whether “artist” is the right label for you, check out 15 Signs You’re an Artist. If you do determine that you’re an artist, make a New Year’s resolution to call yourself one without apology. 

2. Buy a big calendar…and use it — Have you ever seen those large calendars designed to lay atop your desk? They are usually cheap and can make a big difference in your productivity this year.

“(Your calendar) is where you will set deadlines for yourself to help you achieve your goals as well as keep track of exhibit deadlines, application deadlines, when to drop off and pick up work, etc. This is also where you schedule time to do your artwork!” wrote a contributor to Thought Co.

If you don’t own a large calendar, resolve to purchase one this week. It could make your life as an artist much easier and help you create more art than ever within the next few months.

3. Utilize social media to grow your fan base — If you aren’t marketing yourself, your brand, and your art on social media, you are losing money and recognition. Even if you feel your art is sub-par (everyone feels this way, by the way), it’s critical to get on social media this year. This may be the single most effective New Year’s resolution you can make as an artist.

To get your artwork seen, put it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Read Best Social Network for Artists to Sell Their Work to learn more.

Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Support You as an Artist?

Having the ability to create art is a gift. Resolve to share your gift with the world this year by unapologetically referring to yourself as an artist, creating an artist calendar and living by it, and growing your fan base via social media.

What are some other New Year’s resolutions you feel would support you as an artist?  

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