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4 Reasons You Should Be SUPER Excited About Spring

February 27, 2019 Jessica 0 Comments

Did you know that spring is most Americans’ favorite season? 36 percent of US citizens prefer spring to winter, summer, and fall, according to Gallup. The reasons for this are obvious, in our opinion. Read on to find out what a few of them are.

4 Reasons Spring is the Best Season Ever

All over the world, people relish spring. Here are a few reasons why we think others love spring (and why we do, too):

1. Being outside is fun again — After a long, miserable winter, not much feels better than taking a walk or run outside or working in the garden. Spring gives a much-needed break from frigid temperatures that prevent spending time in the great outdoors. This season has a tendency to sneak up on people, which is part of its charm. What a welcome visitor.

2. Color is everywhere — Spring brings many gifts, but none more beautiful than color. What a wonderful feeling it is to look out one’s window and see pale yellow, purple, and pink flowers speckling the grass and trees. This is especially true after a color-barren winter. Whether they are tulips, daffodils, irises, or freesias, all spring flowers are living reminders of the good that’s to come. 

3. Things are cleaner and fresher — Contrary to popular belief, many people love to clean. These are probably the folks who claim this season as their favorite. Spring cleaning is deep and satisfying, and it makes everything in one’s home smell and look lovely. Perhaps Marie Kondo, along with other lovers of all things clean and fresh, anticipates spring each year.    

4. There are more daylight hours — It’s downright depressing to leave for work in the pitch dark and then return home in the pitch dark. Spring remedies this by offering more hours of shimmering daylight. Not just that, but in warmer temperatures one can actually feel the sunlight heating his or her skin. After winter’s unfair deprivation of sun kisses, spring can romance us all it wants.  

Celebrate Spring with Your Windows PC and Digital Daffodils

Are you as excited about spring as we are? If so, celebrate the approach of this hopeful season with your Windows PC and “Daffodils,” a digital paint-by-number pattern set that’s as fresh as a daisy.

The SegPlay “Daffodils” pattern set contains patterns created from photographs of individual and grouped daffodils against blue skies and grassy fields. Many of the daffodils in the set were photographed up close to show the incredible detail of their shapes and coloring.

Before you get ahold of “Daffodils,” download a free trial of SegPlay, our digital paint-by-number game for Windows PC, here.  

What Do You Love Most About Spring?

What are some of your favorite things about spring? Comment in the section below — we’d love to hear your thoughts, and so would your fellow readers.

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