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history of crayons

July 25, 2018

A Brief History of Crayons

Crayons are the perfect art medium for children, and some professional artists even use crayons to create incredible works of art.

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July 21, 2018

20,000 Years of Horse-Themed Art

Horses have been represented in art for thousands of years. While horses were not represented as much in modern art than in art of old, they were still depicted by some of the most famous artists who ever lived. www.segmation.com


March 8, 2018

Ancient, Wearable Works of Art

Creating quality jewelry is an art that not many are skilled art. People sport jewelry that falls into the “wearable work of art” category to showcase their unique style and personality. Some artisans are exceptionally good at crafting designer jewelry. A few famous jewelers include:

ancient egyptian art from saqqara

September 18, 2017

3 of the Oldest Pieces of Art in the History of the World

It is reassuring to know that people have been creating art throughout the ages, in war and peace, joy and sorrow, riches and poverty, and health as well as illness. Read on to discover three of the oldest works of art/groups of works of art in the history of the world.


June 17, 2012

Lighthouses are Examples of Beauty, Symmetry, and Strength

Lighthouses are Examples of Beauty, Symmetry, and Strength Lighthouses – Beacons of Hope Lighthouses have long been viewed as beacons of hope and symbols of