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August 10, 2015

What Is Magical Realism?

Magical realism has an uncanny way of touching the deepest parts of a person’s heart. The profound emotional response this genre of artwork provokes is precisely what is responsible for its popularity. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about magic realism is its sense of mystery.


January 31, 2012

Artistic Characteristics of the Right Brain and Left Brain

Do all artists use the right side of their brain? As the region that hosts both creativity, imagination and art awareness, it seems so. However, more people are finding that their inner artist can be awaken no matter what side of the brain dominates.


June 3, 2011

The Healing Power of Color (www.segmation.com)

Free Trial Downloads for Segmation SegPlay® PC (see more details here) As an artist, you are probably aware of the effects that different colors can have on your state of...