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May 19, 2016

Does Junk Art Images Reduce Obesity?

Is Junk Food Safe?

Health is a global issue and junk food is too, especially in America. More often than not, what seems harmless turns out to be destructive. James Ostrer’s work reflects this fact with a bit of a twisted view. Ostrer tells us these junk food monsters are on the loose, but instead of running from them, we invite them into our bodies every day.


May 6, 2016

The Mayo Clinic Affirms the Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults

Surely you are aware of an artistic phenomenon that’s sweeping the world: coloring for adults. Adult-specific coloring caught on a couple years ago and is growing in popularity with each passing month. Have you ever asked yourself why coloring for adults is such a big hit?


April 24, 2016

3 Amazing Benefits of Coloring for Adults

Color affects us more powerfully than we assume. It has the ability to make humans feel happy, sad, and every emotion in between. Color is more than aesthetically pleasing; it...


February 27, 2016

How the Color Green Balances Emotions

When you are sick, what do you do? If you feel bad enough, you probably go to the doctor. Thankfully, in many parts of the world there is a plethora...


April 28, 2015

Color Can Heal the Nervous System

Optometric phototherapy, which heavily relies upon the use of color, has been proven to deliver results to patients. This means that color is not only beautiful, but is also medically useful. Color Can Heal the Nervous System. Did you know that Different Colors Treat Different Health Problems. What colors, applied via optometric phototherapy, might help correct your health problems?


November 14, 2013

Retire in Style with Artistic Flair

Remember being outside the school theater, waiting to see the cast list for the spring play? Or when taking a ceramics class was required and choir practice took place three...


January 31, 2012

Artistic Characteristics of the Right Brain and Left Brain

Do all artists use the right side of their brain? As the region that hosts both creativity, imagination and art awareness, it seems so. However, more people are finding that their inner artist can be awaken no matter what side of the brain dominates.